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  • Personal space and vestibular issues often accompany dysgraphia
  • Often grouped with dyslexia
  • Sometimes write letters from “bottom up” instead of “top down”
  • Can be caused by a multitude of processing issues in the brain
  1. Visual—tracking and convergence can create confusion/avoidance in writing and spacing
  2. Hypersensitive or hyposensitive (over or under) sensation can underly proper grip and manipulation
  3. Primitive Reflexes such as Hands Grasping, STNR and others are the foundation for writing

Our Approach is to FIRST and FOREMOST find the source of processing errors in the brain by evaluating all seven pathways of the brain (vision, hearing, sensation, manual, mobility, speech, emotional) and assessing reflex integration. There are usually multiple areas of the brain in need of stimulation and organization—if any are left unaddressed, the challenges usually remain. Finding the solution requires focusing efforts on the brain’s ability to process. Frequent required practice can create frustration and increase avoidance of any writing task. Improvement in your child’s spatial awareness, auditory processing and tactility often accompany betterment of writing.

After identifying the root cause(s), we design an individualized home program to address your child’s needs. We teach you the details of carrying out that program five days a week at home—complete with written instructions and bi-weekly follow up with a staff member.