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  • Many adults speak of struggling with math
  • Visual tracking and convergence issues are often part of the root cause
  • The inability to complete three and four-step verbal instructions is a common symptom
  • Auditory processing is almost always in need of improvement for these children

Our Approach is to FIRST and FOREMOST find the source of processing errors in the brain by evaluating all seven pathways of the brain (vision, hearing, sensation, manual, mobility, speech, emotional) and assessing reflex integration. There are usually multiple areas of the brain in need of stimulation and organization—if any are left unaddressed, the challenges usually remain. Finding the solution requires focusing efforts on the brain’s ability to process. Working specifically with the visual and auditory pathways, along with programs to organize existing abilities is imperative to achieve permanent and real success in these cases.

After identifying the root cause(s), we design an individualized home program to address your child’s needs. We teach you the details of carrying out that program five days a week at home—complete with written instructions and bi-weekly follow up with a staff member.