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Many adults speak of struggling with math Visual tracking and convergence issues are often part of the root cause The inability to complete three and four-step verbal instructions is a common symptom Auditory processing is almost always in need of improvement for these children Our Approach is to FIRST and FOREMOST find the source of …

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Personal space and vestibular issues often accompany dysgraphia Often grouped with dyslexia Sometimes write letters from “bottom up” instead of “top down” Can be caused by a multitude of processing issues in the brain Visual—tracking and convergence can create confusion/avoidance in writing and spacing Hypersensitive or hyposensitive (over or under) sensation can underly proper grip …

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Catch-all diagnosis for reading problems Can be caused by a multitude of processing issues in the brain Visual—“mixing up” or inverting words/letters 80% of students diagnosed as dyslexic have auditory processing issues Visual tracking and convergence are CRITICAL to reading success Primitive reflexes such as STNR, ATNR and others are the foundation for reading Our …

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